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All images on this website are in the Gregg Museum of Visual Arts & Design.  Additionally, many images made after 1973 are in the Amon Carter Collection some of which were subsequently published also in a monograph by Duke Press, Borrowed Time: Photographs of Caroline Vaughan, Durham and London, 1996 (these images the Duke Press has required me to signify and will be marked as BT). Many of the landscape and nude images were collected in 1978 and published in 1993  in the Amon Carter Museum Catalogue of Photography prior to the Duke Press monograph and will be noted as AMC if they were not published in the Duke book.

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Gold bank vertical JPEG.jpg

Smoke and Mirrors, Our Fiduciary System  Greensboro, NC,

© 2008 Caroline Vaughan


Moonrise, The Charles River, Cambridge, MA,    

© 1972 Caroline Vaughan 


Honda, Durham, NC, ​  

© 2008 Caroline Vaughan 


Pocket Basin, Yellowstone, Wyoming,  

© 1975  AMC Caroline Vaughan 


Church, Golden, New Mexico  

© 1976  AMC Caroline Vaughan  

NM landscape with the moon_W.jpg

 Petraglyph, Three Rivers Mooonrise, NM   

© 1976  AMC Caroline Vaughan


Jemez, Hot Springs, NM    

© 1976 AMC Caroline Vaughan  

FullSizeRender 5.jpeg

 Train Tracks Overpass Near The Blue Light, Durham, NC    ©  2017 Caroline Vaughan 

unnamed (7).jpg

Buffalo Junction, VA  Caroline Vaughan  © 1994

Buffalo Junction, VA  

Dying arts like hog slaughters are occuring less often as larger farms now dominate the template of America. Remnants left behind such as the broken glass also remind us of objects that were useful that are now broken. I see it as a face which might reflect an interior subconscious fragment from my past.


Orange County, NC , 

Caroline Vaughan  © 2020


 Person County, NC

     © 1975 Caroline Vaughan 


COVID, Hillsborough, NC,  © 2020   Caroline Vaughan 

unnamed 3.jpeg

Scarecrow, Chicken House and Full Moon, Durham, NC,  ©2010 Caroline Vaughan


Gomez Park, FL  

©2006 Caroline Vaughan

 cigar leaf.jpg

Little Havana, Cigar Factory, FL

 ©2006 Caroline Vaughan


Orange County, NC ,   © 2015 Caroline Vaughan   


Tornado, Orange County, NC,   

© 2020 Caroline Vaughan

Mail Pouch.jpg

Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco, OH 

©  July 24, 2014 Caroline Vaughan


McDowell County, NC,  

© 2020 Caroline Vaughan  


Owl face, Orange County, NC, 

© 2020 Caroline Vaughan

The spontaneity of shooting with an iPhone meant I could carry it in my pocket whenever I went out for a walk. Often I would find graffiti or patterns in a floor in grocery stores or metal trolleys at Home Depot that had weathered for years outside (see abstract images). On a walk down the Occoneechee Speedway which had once been a race track now had a walking trail with several distressed cars. I found this face on a rust wall.

Mar A Lago.jpg

Mar-A- Lago, Orange County, NC, 

© Caroline Vaughan 2021

Wandering through the woods I often find artifacts of personal expression that could be considered outsider art. In some back or side yards I discover  projects that are not yet completed such as this throne plastic chair I nicknamed.

Four: Barns and Houses, Orange County, NC     ©  2021 Caroline Vaughan 

Orange County offers historic homes that are well maintained in the Historic District of Hillsborough. I also discovered a wide range of homes, barns, silos, dead cars and a  place where school busses go to die. My father, born on a farm in Granville County, NC,  later earned  a degree in Engineering from Duke. When I was born, he worked for Wright Machinery as a traveling salesman. My fascination for farms, barns, things hidden in the woods and mechanical objects abandoned in the woods stems from my relationship with my father.

Barn with stone chimney.jpg
other side of barn.JPEG

Orange County, NC  

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

Orange County, NC  

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

red truck.JPEG

Orange County, NC  

©  2021 Caroline Vaughan

alien barn and silo.jpg

Orange County, NC  ©  2021 Caroline Vaughan


Antediluvian Dream, False Bay, San Juan Islands, WA  AMC, BT

©1975  Caroline Vaughan  

 I never asked a model to do anything I was not willing to do myself. I often posed nude and asked a graduate student to trip the shutter. I wanted to make this image because of my paralyzing fear of snakes.The "snakes" were kelp, a prominent feature surrounding the island. Wainwright had two graduate students studying at Friday Harbor Laboratories known as a mecca for marine invertebrate zoology on the island.

What Is Home? Your Sanctuary--Your Past or Your Present?

Matheson house.jpg

Historic District, Hillsborough, NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

red tacky yard art hillsb.jpg

Orange County, NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

lelands farm clothesline.jpg

Farm, Orange County, NC

© 2015 Caroline Vaughan

unnamed (5).jpg

Detail of HOME above , Orange County, NC

© 2015 Caroline Vaughan


Hillsborough, NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

Lauringburg, NC

© 2017 Caroline Vaughan


Low Gap, NC

© 2016 Caroline Vaughan


Backyard 100 Year-Old Bottle Clean-Up, NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

hog bath020 copy 2.jpg

Hog Bath, Person County NC

© 1993 Caroline Vaughan


Hillsborough, NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan


 Hillsborough NC

© 2021 Caroline Vaughan

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