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This website is to introduce my friends to some of my newer abstract images, images made since Borrowed Time, published by Duke University Press in 1996, as well as images never exhibited or shared with the public. I am continuing to write poetry and fiction and make photographs with an iPhone 11 Pro. It is my hope that from my writing and new images that a poetry book will emerge in the future. The site under EVENTS will note any progress in this area and make the book available through some portal.

This site is to introduce you to my work in progress and the work that is in the Gregg Museum of Art & Design in Raleigh, NC at NC State University in their archive.

The site is not designed to correspond or reply to any audience. My hope is to take you on an adventure in this time of COVID, will be less risky than going to Disneyland, and entertain you wherever you choose to be. My time will be focused on my work, whether writing or photography. I hope this site will in some way encourage young writers, people interested in wellness, and emerging photographers.


Honeywell Pentax

Nikon F

Leica M2


R B Super D Graflex 4x5

- Sinar 4x5 Monorail View Camera

- Deardorff 4x5, 8x10, 11x14

- Nikon D300S

- iPhone 5s

- iPhone 6s Plus

- iPhone X

- iPhone 11 Pro                    

Website design: Caroline Vaughan                              

Technical support: Neil Berman at The On Button

Scanning and printing images: Wojtek Wojdynski

Music for Movie FIRE DRILL !

by Modest Mussorgsky

Night on Bald Mountain

All Images and Writing   ©  2020 Caroline Hickman Vaughan

All Rights Reserved

Caroline Hickman Vaughan      American   born 1949--

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